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Exact temperatures during the production processes determines the quality of the manufactured products in plastics processing . Cooling systems are not only a fundamental part of the process chain, but their quality and requirement-oriented service are determining factors for the entire manufacturing process.

The applications are for refrigeration technology, especially in this industry branch, are very diverse and individually designed for proprietary production processes. The countless possibilities offered by the raw material require equally complex processing procedures. Whether within extruders, during injection molding production or during the manufacture of plastic packaging - our precisely planned and constructed cooling systems optimally support your production.

Let us support you as early as the design and planning of your cooling systems. We have the experience and the facilities you need. We are happy to advise you on our services without any obligation and to develop an individual concept for you.

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The right solution for every process, for every method.

We have continued to steadily evolve our refrigeration technology for the optimal thermo-regulation of process operations and thus provide your process with modern concept solutions - whether for the printing industry, plastics processing or metalworking - we offer you an optimal and economical concept.