HARIG Refrigeration Technology


The Harig GmbH was founded in 1983 under the name Harig & Tappe GmbH in Bielefeld and has since been well-known as a significant partner for industry and commerce. As a specialist in industrial refrigeration, our priorities are the requirements and applications of the food industry as well as in industrial process technologies. In addition to synthetic refrigerants for smaller facility services, our specialized area covers the use of natural refrigerants (ammonia and CO2 refrigeration systems).

The use of natural refrigerants excellently supports ecological considerations, which we are constantly pursuing while developing and installing our system technology. They are environmentally friendly, are made of natural materials and are very economical due to their good energy efficiency: factors that are of special significance to the industrial refrigeration field and which combine the ecological approach perfectly with economic necessity.

Accordingly, our range of services is designed so that synergies can be used in the best possible way and complete circuits for air conditioning and refrigeration technology can be closed. As an extension to the refrigeration systems, we also offer industrial heat pumps that use the waste heat directly resulting from the cooling process for the heat supply, for example.

The fulfillment of all individual requirements with optimum effectiveness is par for the course for our work. This also means that we not only design durable refrigeration systems by combining proven technologies with tested innovations, but also give detailed consultations, offer coherent planning and  highlight  other potentials, such as heat recovery.

However, the most important measure of our actions is the satisfaction of our customers and the optimal applicability of our refrigeration technology in daily use. Therefore, we attach great importance to the equipment's ease of use and the systems' operational reliability. These requirements are ensured by qualitative high-quality materials and workmanship, and the resulting long life of our facilities. In addition, we offer comprehensive services for maintaining operational safety and efficiency.

Benefit from our over 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of refrigeration systems in order to achieve the most economical system solution for you. We offer you and individual design for your refrigeration systems as well as in-house engineering for design, consultation and support. Tailored to your needs and desires.